Forward Participates at Detroit's Concours d'Elegance 2022

Hagerty Media Company had Forward come out to Detroit Concours 2022 to showcase our skills and services.

Forward took a monumental step in cementing its position as the premier mobile detailing company in Southeast Michigan (and Metro Detroit). Danny Ansara, founder of Forward Detailing, is taking bigger steps in 2022 to showcase his expertise in vehicle detailing by vending at local events. From car meet ups to business-organized expositions.

Last weekend, the weekend of September 16th, Forward’s hard work thus far culminated into its spot at Detroit’s first Concours d’Elegance. The event pre-dates the 17th-century American Revolution, to France, when high status Frenchmen would show off horse-drawn carriages through Parisian parks, dueling for status through a parade of show and elegance. Before this year, the Detroit-area concours was known as the Concourse of America and was held at St. John’s Resort and then Meadow Brook, an estate of the esteemed Dodge Brothers’ family.

Hagerty, the media and insurance company host, has since rebranded the auto show to Detroit Concours d’Elegance, showing the events’ roots by its original name. Hagerty has also uplifted the show’s location and placed it right in the heart of Detroit; Comerica Park and the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), for the entire weekend - aligning perfectly with the 2022 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Forward’s spotlight shined on Saturday, at Comerica Park’s Cars & Community. Over 200 vehicles were on display, each belonging to Concours d’Lemons, RADwood or a curated car club display. With Cars & Community and Kids Zone staged at Comerica, Danny had a large number of foot traffic introduced to Forward, with a few familiar faces showing up too!

Overall, Forward and Danny’s experience at Detroit’s first Concours d’Elegance was a success. Not only did Forward have a memorable weekend in the city, we met a handful of professional detailers and like-minded enthusiasts. We shared stories, advice, and laughs. We also met fascinating car collectors – one of them an owner of a rare 1953 C-3 Cunningham Coupe. Not only did the vehicle win two awards including Best Classic Sports Car, but Forward detailed the exterior of the vehicle to perfection, claiming a bit of responsibility for achieving the awards!