Formally known as the "Maintenance Program"

Fleet Program

We understand the unique needs of businesses with vehicle fleets. We have developed a fleet program that offers exceptional auto detailing services to keep your fleet looking its best. With no minimum requirements, no contracts, and no sign-ups, we make it easy for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of our services.

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20% Off Every Booking

We strive to be the trusted, and scalable, partner for businesses with vehicle fleets. Our mission is to build valuable relationships by providing tailorable auto detailing services and a personable approach.

Exceptional Service

Our team of experienced detailers is committed to meeting all of your company's unique needs while staying up to date with the latest techniques. Our company is 100% Insured and Certified to meet your company's standards, meanwhile we only endorse top-rated products to deliver outstanding results.

Trusted Partner

We work in various industries with different vehicles and needs such as luxury transportation services, valet & chauffeur companies, charter companies, fleet management corporations, logistics and beyond.

Business Built For Business

As part of our fleet program, you'll have access to our loyalty program that rewards businesses and owners for their continued support. Enjoy exclusive benefits, exceptional services, access to a niche network in the automotive world. Enjoy 20% off every booking with no cap on frequency or restrictions. We believe in building relationships.