Smelly Car? It Could Be A Sign

The cause of the bad smell could be mechanical problems in the engine or the cabin air filter, or it could just be a plan bad odor.

Smelly cars, we've all gotten in one. But, it's the smell that could be a potential indicator for specific problems. The cause of the bad smell could be mechanical problems in the engine or the cabin air filter, or it could just be a plan bad odor. In the latter's case, it's usually an easy fix. However, the fix may only be temporary. A meticulous, full interior detailing of your vehicle can rid of the smell for good.

Simple and easy ways to resolve a bad smell in the interior of your car:

*assuming that the smell isn't a mechanical issue

  1. Smoke - Cigarette smoke can make a car smell particularly unpleasant. Smoke can get everywhere including the air conditioning and heat duct system. An advanced tip to rid of the smoke smell is to go under the hood and spray an air deodorizer through the intake valve to get all, or most, of the smoke out of the interior. Smoke is extremely invasive and you'll need to go beyond than just cleaning the upholstery.
  2. Vacuum & Shampoo - A very detailed vacuuming and shampoo extraction of the upholstery is standard in all of Forward's full detailing package. Most odors tend to become trapped within the fabric of your vehicle's interior. Repeatedly vacuuming can potentially eliminate these odors. A special upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner will be helpful for this since you'll need to get into every little nook and cranny. The foul smells in your vehicle's interior are often hiding within the smallest places. If you do not think vacuuming is enough then Forward's full detailing package includes a complete cleaning of the interior.
  3. Charcoal - Believe it or not, putting a few charcoal rocks safely in your cars interior can absorb much of the smell you don't want. Charcoal is used is air and water filters alike for its absorption power.
  4. Air Freshener - This is usually everyone's first instinct. However this is only masking the smell, the smelly particles are still present. However, this temporary fix and a few drives with the windows open could possibly do the trick if the issue is minimal.
  5. Interior Detailing Service - This is more often than not the best solution. Not only will your vehicle smell great afterwards, but it will look great visually as well. With Forward's mobile detailing service, a complete interior cleaning that includes interior vacuuming, carpet and upholstery shampoo and extraction. It also includes detailing of the floor mats, dashboard areas, trunk spaces, and streak-free cleaning of all the glass. Additionally, your vehicle will get a foam car wash and rim detailing included with the package.